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Summerhill Session

Be Present

Summerhill, Newcastle, UK; 12 May 2024

We are tapping into our expansive awareness to be present… with our inner world, this body, the other dancers individually and collectively.
We will be dancing with the medicine wheel of the Elements as a familiar and natural map: Earth, Fire, Water, Air, and Ether.


Who the session is for

The session is open to anyone who wants to explore dancing consciously, as an embodied, mindful meditation. Whether you are new to conscious movement or have a lot of experience at dancing, you are welcome to join. In general, the sessions are open to adults over 18 years of age.


Summerhill Pavilion & Gardens
Winchester Terrace
Newcastle Upon Tyne

Taking care of yourself

The dance can be energetic and physically strenuous. Listen to your body and dance at an energy level that is healthy and safe for you.

Dance of Life is powerful medicine – though this is a short and simple dance – it may also be a deep dance – especially in changing and challenging times. All sorts of feelings may arise, and you may be on your own with that during and after the class.  It is good to have an awareness of what you will need to support you during and after the session.

Your body is always your guide… Following your own energy and tempo… respect your own physical limits…

Taking care of yourself:

All instructions for exercises and activities are invitations: adapt them for the needs of your body and always feel free to opt out.

Take care of your body in movement.

Pay attention to your sense of space and proximity.

Dress in layers; have a blanket at hand (we will have doors open even on colder days to ensure sufficient ventilation).

Bring your own water bottle.

Use the hand disinfectant provided and wash your hands frequently.

Make this a nourishing time for you.

Dance at your own pace.

No need to push, no need to hold back.

Taking care of others

Please use integrity in deciding whether to come and dance.

If you recently had contact with someone COVID-positive, if you feel unwell or if you have symptoms of COVID-19 (high temperature, continuous cough, loss of sense of smell or taste), please refrain from coming to the dance session.

Please respect other dancers’ space and choices, when it comes to hugs and physical contact in general.

We may have exercises that can involve safe physical contact. In that case, the receiving person declares what contact the receiving person wants (e.g., a flat hand on the back or no contact at all). I ask that these requests and boundaries are adhered to.

Bridge to Daily Life

You may use free tools to deepen your practice with the theme of this session.

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