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What is Counseling in ACT?

Counselling can be described as a therapeutic relationship between a client and a counsellor that facilitates change.

We will employ Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) as a powerful evidence-based approach to facilitate that change, based on state-of-the-art research how the human mind works. ACT has been clinically shown to be effective in a wide range of psychological issues and life questions. The name ACT embodies the key themes of the method: Learn to accept the things that are out of our control and commit to change the things we can control to live a rich and meaningful life. ACT is an exceptionally active form of counselling: We are not just talking about issues but are learning skills and tools to facilitate positive change in our lives, one small step at a time.

Aims of Counseling

The overarching aim of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy is psychological flexibility, that is, the capacity to make choices freely and aligned with our values in life. In that, ACT means to support you in leading a rich and meaningful life. Your values are your own: What makes your life meaningful? What is your heart’s deepest desire? We will spend time with clarifying your values, exploring how and what you want to live in your brief time on this planet to be. We will develop committed action, goals aligned with your values, and small steps to reach those goals.

Learning Skills

The second major part of ACT is learning skills to handle more effectively painful experiences we cannot change. In ACT, this means not to avoid experiences, but to learn how to put painful thoughts, feelings, and urges into a new context such that they have much less impact on our lives. These mindfulness skills engender awareness, openness and focus and create the flexibility to effectively handle even the most painful thoughts, images, memories, emotions and sensations. These skills help breaking self-defeating habits and establishing new ones that are more aligned with what we want to stand for in life.

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  • Psychological flexibility
  • Developing valued intentions
  • Taking action towards a rich and meaningful life


  • Exposure to uncomfortable emotions
  • Acceptance of aversive thoughts and feelings
  • Challenging experience of creative hopelessness