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Letting Nature
Speak to You

The Walk of Allurement is a practice I’ve learned from my teacher Caroline Carey, the founder of Middle Earth Medicine Ways.

Nature reveals itself in how it allures us and in how we are drawn to it.


How to Do It

Going on a Walk of Allurement

  • To go on a Walk of Allurement, go into nature where it appeals to you.
  • Connect to the present moment, the Here and Now, for example, by Dropping Anchor┬átill you feel well grounded.
  • Take some deep breaths and pay attention to your breathing.


  • Walk in nature without a particular aim.
  • Just pay attention to what in your sensual experiences allures you.
  • It might be a place, it might be an animal or a plant, it might be a sight, sound, or smell.
  • Let your walk be guided by your allurement.
  • When something captures your attention, acknowledge it and linger in the allurement.
  • Make a note of the alluring; perhaps draw it; perhaps collect words that resonate with you.

Someone who does not run toward the allure of love walks a road where nothing lives.


Taking Good Care of Yourself

  • It is important to unhook from preconceptions and expectations that are natural to arise.
  • Our mind, the great storyteller, will chime in with thoughts. That’s normal.
  • Make sure to unhook from expectations and judgments that you need to find something special. Nature reveals itself in the tiniest details. Keep paying attention.
  • Just trust your allurement. What draws your attention?
  • Remember: this experience might be ordinary. Good!

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