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Dance of Life

Be present, open up and do what matters.
Dance of Life is a conscious movement practice that celebrates our zest for life. It is a fusion of principles, tools and skills from mindful movement and modern science.

What does the dance teach us?

Dance of Life is rooted in the conviction that the dance has something to teach us about life. Whatever we practice with conscious attention and repetition strengthens pathways we come to draw upon with ease; conscious movement is no different. It serves our capacity to act mindfully on our values; to be present, open up, and do what matters.

What to expect?

A Dance of Life session can be joyous and emotional, simple and ordinary, deep and profound. Typically rooted in a circle of the elements as a holding frame---Earth, Fire, Water, Air, and Ether---we move through crescendos and decrescendos, dance together and on our own, receiving and expressing body, heart, and mind.

Dimensions of the Dance of Life