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Memberships and Licenses

Professional Membership

I have completed the professional training of the School of Movement Medicine (Apprenticeship Programme 3 and Professional Training 3), but chose to leave the School before graduation to establish my own modality.

I am recognized as a fully qualified teacher of the International Conscious Movement Teacher Association (ICMTA).
Member ID: 48591251 (member since 20 November 2018). Fully qualified teacher recognition since 29 April 2024.

I am adhering to the ICMTA Code of Ethics.

Amazon Affiliate Programme

This site partners with the Amazon Affiliate Programme to publish links to books and media. When you buy stuff through links on this site, Dance of Life earns a commission. Commissions are donated to the Sponsorship Fund of the Newcastle Dance Collective after costs to enable dancers to attend workshops in conscious movement practice.

Music Licenses

I am licensed to play and webcast recorded and DJ’ed music for conscious and social dance:

  • PPL/PRS TheMusicLicencse: PPL #1485518
  • PRS (LOML): #OLE-20492

Image Licenses

Stock images are licensed royalty-free from