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Memberships and Licenses

Professional Membership

I have completed the professional training of the School of Movement Medicine (Apprenticeship Programme 3 and Professional Training 3), but chose to leave the School before graduation to establish my own modality.

I am recognized as a fully qualified teacher of the International Conscious Movement Teacher Association (ICMTA).
Member ID: 48591251 (member since 20 November 2018). Fully qualified teacher recognition since 29 April 2024.

I am adhering to the ICMTA Code of Ethics.

Music Licenses

I am licensed to play and webcast recorded and DJ’ed music for conscious and social dance:

  • PPL/PRS TheMusicLicencse: PPL #1485518
  • PRS (LOML): #OLE-20492

Image Licenses

Stock images are licensed royalty-free from